Directory CIME_Urbino_1962

Directory "CIME_Urbino_1962"

     This directory provides an authorized and freely accessible Internet re-edition of the proceedings volume "TOPOLOGIA DIFFERENZIALE" for a CIME course held at Urbino Italy in July 1962. More information is provided in the first file listed below.


Name         Type        Size           Comment
CIME_Urbino_1962_readme.html Text file 2 Kb   Please read this first
CIME_Urbino_1962_readme.txt Text file 2 Kb   The same as ASCII text.
DJVU      Directory      3.1 Mo   The efficient DjVu or "Déjà Vu" format
PDF Directory 14,7 Mo   The widely used Portable Document Format
TIFF-G4 Directory 14.1 Mo   The polyvalent Tagged Image File Format in its Fax Group 4 variant


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